Mold Damage and Health Consequences

Mold Exposure and Your Health

Mold and your health

Mold exposure is dangerous to your health, especially if it is prolonged. The longer it takes to identify the actual cause of health issues because of mold (like breathing problems), the longer it can take to treat it. Also, the more you are exposed to the fungus, the worse your symptoms could be.

Symptoms of mold exposure may include sneezing and mild sniffles, while severe cases can have complications like lethargy, shortness of breath and fever. Mold produces spores, which are airborne and may attach themselves to skin and clothing. So if you visit a building or house with a mold problem, and spores attach themselves to your skin or clothes, you can end up bringing mold into your home.

How Mold Damage Takes Place

A few harmless microscopic spores won’t wreak havoc in your property; unless certain conditions in your home encourage them to grow and spread. Here, the key factor would be the presence of moisture or water.

When mold spores find their way to moist or wet areas in your home, they can multiply within 24 to 48 hours. From there, they can reproduce and spread farther into other damp areas in your home, building colonies and eating into wet cellulose materials in your home, including paper, wood or ceiling tiles.

Your mold problem is only set to grow and cause health issues among house or building occupants and damage to your property.

Places Where Mold is Likely to Grow

Water or moisture is an essential ingredient for mold growth. If you’ve had a mini water disaster at home – whether it’s a previously undetected slow leak or burst pipe – your home is at risk for mold growth. So, pay attention to affected areas in your home and keep checking them for at least a month, even if they’ve dried up.

Generally, mold can develop in places that are damp, moist and dark like attics, basements, wall interiors, crawl spaces, underneath sinks and air conditioners and around tubs.

Signs of Mold Damage

If the mold damage in your home is extensive, you’ll be able to smell it (musty odor) and if you look hard enough, you’ll find and see it. As mentioned earlier, if you’ve had a recent water event, it can be a trigger for mold growth.

You can also look for signs of discoloration on surfaces. Although mold is typically black, it can also take on different colors, including white, brown, red, gray and other pastel hues. Differently colored mold can grow on different surfaces, but they all need moisture or humidity to thrive and spread.

If you see or smell signs of mold growth, mold remediation would be in order. That is, if you don’t want to suffer from the following consequences of untreated mold damage:

  • Health problems that never go away
  • Structural property damage
  • Unsightly spots in your house where mold has spread
  • Inability to use mold-infested sections of your home
  • Higher replacement costs of damaged parts of your property
  • Problems with reselling your property

When you discover mold growth in your property, it’s essential to get it removed right away. The longer you let it linger, the more it will spread and the more expensive the mold removal and remediation process will be.

In fact, the average cost of mold removal and remediation is estimated at $2,325, or somewhere around $15 to $30 per square foot. So, if you let your mold problem linger, it’ll not only cost you a lot in terms of healthcare but also thousands of dollars to get it treated and repair damaged sections of your property.

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